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If you’re an AUGI member, you can also subscribe to HotNews, the newsletter from Autodesk. You can customize your subscription to receive only the news you want. HotNews is sent every month, so you can choose to only receive it once a month or every other week. Simply visit your MY AUGI profile and choose the HotNews subscription option. Once subscribed, you will receive an email containing all the latest news and announcements from Autodesk and the community.

SAP HotNews is an informative newsletter that delivers news about SAP products and updates to users. Users can filter HotNews by a variety of criteria, such as product features, business units, or industries. If a particular news item isn’t relevant to them, they can mark it as irrelevant or postpone processing until a later time. You can also use the RSS feed to receive the latest news in your inbox without having to open a web page or search for it again.

The HotNews doctrine originated in 1918, before the Copyright Act. Back then, news was communicated via wire services. The Associated Press and the International News Service, two of the largest news services at the time, competed for distribution of news articles to newspapers in the country. As such, AP and INS tended to be liable for the content of their stories, and they were protected under the doctrine. This doctrine is now recognized by the supreme court in five states, but the courts are likely to apply it only in extremely rare cases. The doctrine protects authors and publishers from lawsuits based on the use of HotNews.

Subscribe to HotNews to receive daily news and videos on a wide range of topics. The website is updated daily and has news and articles in English, Russian, and Romanian. It has over two million unique visitors per day and thirty million page views per month. A subscription is very easy to create and manage in MY AUGI. If you’d like to subscribe to HotNews, visit your MY AUGI profile to learn more.

In NBA v. Motorola, the Supreme Court recognized the concept of hot news. In that case, a company alleged that another company copied its hot news without attribution. The Second Circuit ruled that hot news is not a viable legal remedy, but it may be an effective alternative to copyright. In the end, it’s up to the courts whether to allow hot news to be a legitimate legal remedy. HOTNEWS and copyright cases continue to develop, and this doctrine may play a critical role in the future of technology and publishing.